Day two – Getting to know Mexico

Ministry of agriculture mexico… view agtricutrue and agribusiness –

very import relationship nz – new administration..very similar to mexico

– the vision…our president has instructed us to strengthen the relations we have with all countries of world.. mexico wants to strengthen and recover leadership role in different borders of world now open – borders to a point -no longer exist – mexico go as far as it wants – also nex on behalf opresident – during the pm’s visit tomorrow…it will be the first time the press will be meeting a representative of another country; goes to show we are going to have very good del in future… overview – agriculture – lot of opportunities but we first have to acknowledge our current situation.. lot of potential but also made mistakes…current status – lot of poverty in countryside also very little access to financing – when avil unfavorable – little equipment – sig regional difference; are regressive and not every equal; the new fact of agricu has already been establiesby our president.. revive agricu sector – fair productive profit sustainable and one contributes to food security… Mexico proudce 50 per cnet food consumed stillb e low 70 per cent recommended fao.. president five objectives – part of two different paths..pdt made pact main – set aside ideological differences to work to make sure mexciso overcome differences. Importnt to have change in attitude of mexicans…president asked the Govt at federal level to set aside differences and work tog for mexciso.. 1. Got to achnage agricul to make it more productive – in past more than 16 per cnet GDP – now barely 3.2 or 3,5 per cent gap; Natinao strategy south south east development – significant differencesbetwwn north and sour – to overcomel pact formexcio signed byt opresident nad main fores – trying to turn the agric sector to more productive comemrcialosatoon of marketing and prouducity; problems ingtermediations on markets proudctivity – need policy for timely loans of credit and pre ratesand lover terms and conditions s can be more financing agriculture sector…Pm also coordination of links in production changing… want to revie contryside to ensure food security; specific measures to control food prirces? avian flu -suffering Been able to control the avian flu – enabled us to avoid supply eggs and poultry People live one extreme poverty wake up mornings and go to sleep evenings hurry because they are able to have enough food – lot in south suffer this.. pact also hoep to help south and southeaster – help economic growth and human development – president indsutructed fderartl governmantn- highways communications airports – educational institutes.. national crusade against hunger taking place – president announced this an initiative an objective of making are we have food security…with this crusade – want make sure have possibility of eating and eliminate child malnutrition have crusade but have to have the food – what are we to distrubue – this is the big chalgne.. if still a deficit on food production – why eliminated use of term susbtsntiafy – doesn’t guarantee resources abvilavle money invested not productive..get more incentives rather than subsidy – have to reward efforts b3ing made and quality… The minister gave example was governor of large state in north of country – people dirt floors – maged to do away with dirt floors in homes to a sognficiantdegree..since state federal govt decided to give fewer resources since no longer .. 6 programems – 39 compoents 1. Investment in equipment and infrastructure pro camp \o been in place 15 productive units insrtand of individuals…risk prevention and management – biological etc. Mexico has suffered a lot of changes due to climate change – in the dry seasons in north of country are significant. weather is atypical now and sometime recurring dourght that has forced us to find a way to manage our financial climate biological in more efficient manner; another programme – innovation/skills and technological and rural assitane going to preisdnert established fgot to create strategic problems for regions… need six year orogramemes deal with sector – national development plan and sect plan.. Programmes – equitable; opportune and progressive. Got to move fro welfare state to situation with productive culture which is entrepreneurial; assess projects and follow up to make sure done third parties. Want to give the countryside in agriculture another face in the future; develop fishing cattle – certified production for food safety – good products for national and international production; allow countryside to play a more important role in GDP.. tomato avocade onion bufssel sprout tequial..chile cucmbaer atermelo lime fish and stra nuts lettuce spinch.. we woud liek to celebtate 40th anniverary – visit of john key first of a foreign head of state making to her challenge both couties to work and streghtn bilateral relations – trade and exchange of our magic products – that is the main goal we have…. mexico can have very important relations with other countries – but wee also have to respect our realities and make sure we respect other countries so mexico can recover and strengthen the prestige we had in the past – our ambassadors spread out throughout the world always very produswion

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