Tuesday , November 20 2018
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Chinese get message: We’re open for business

Comment  Bill English has sent a clear message to China that New Zealand is open for business. New Zealand needs direct foreign investment and China should be at the table was the upshot of the Finance Minister’s speech to the Victoria University-Peking University Conference on Contemporary China in Wellington this …

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Crafar farms decision breath of fresh air

The Court of Appeal emphatically threw out the Sir Michael Fay-led challenge to Shanghai Pengxin”s bid for the 16 Crafar farms and with it, hopefully, one of the most xenophobically charged episodes of commercial behaviour in New Zealand. Comment  Lest I be accused of “triumphalism”, let me just say that …

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Fran O’Sullivan: Time for China boot camp

Nine months ago I wrote that “New Zealand may find itself economic toast” if it doesn’t get a comprehensive China strategy together – and fast. After a decade traipsing after various New Zealand political leaders in China, their constant refrain that the larger “developing nation” would be grateful for a …

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Fran O’Sullivan: Winning face of new China

NZ Herald  Hu Jintao’s calm face softened as he spoke poignantly of his greatest challenge since becoming President of China seven months ago. “I felt as if my heart was on fire.” He was talking of the Sars epidemic, which claimed hundreds of lives as the new Chinese leadership fought …

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