China From The Inside: Power and the People Episode 1-4.

A PBS documentary series. Episode 2 runs on Sunday December 2 at 11am.

Some of the You Tube comments are telling.

  • This documentary has tried its best to sound unbiased, but it has failed to convince. This documentary focuses on problems, and does not do anything to show how much China has improved. Communism is theoretically a perfect form of government, and it relies on people to be perfect (which, they are not). Democracy, on the other hand, knows that it is not perfect and accepts that people aren’t perfect. Maybe one day China will make the transition. Just not right now.
  • “Human rights… ask the Americans what they did to the Native Americans. Of course, none of them will remember because it happened a long time ago. No one likes hypocrisy. Tibet is no heaven, sure, but it has definitely improved greatly since the invasion. It’s still poor, and there are still many problems to face. Yet, it is better than being a slave or a serf (practically the same thing) or living under a theocracy. China has many problems, but it has acknowledged most of them.
  • It’s amazing how different a documentary can become if it doesn’t have music or commentary. It becomes a clean and less biased thing (unless, of course, the video focuses on some things in particular). Lybia should sort out it’s own problem, and without China, Myanmar and North Korea’s economy would suffer a huge blow, if not a total collapse. China is industrializing. There will be a huge shitload of CO2 output. All the modern industrialized countries have done this. China only started recently.”

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