Geeks on a Plane Live reporting live from NZ Rocket Pitch competition, presented by The Icehouse and Geeks on a Plane.

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From The Icehouse website:

“This December fourteen high profile investors, entrepreneurs and executives will make their way from Silicon Valley to New Zealand to engage with the start-up scene down here. Among the fifteen geeks are Dave McClure, Founding Partner of 500 Startups and representatives from top US start-ups, VC firms and corporates.  View a full list of the visiting geeks here.

Organized by 500 Startups, Geeks on a Plane is an invite-only tour for start-ups, investors, and executives. They travel to the most exciting international start-up scenes with the sole mission of uniting geeks and exploring cross-border opportunities.”

And here comes the live twitter feed:

Stephen Tindall & Andy Hamilton

James Riddell from Outpost Central, Winner of Stream 1: Outsource IT No. 8 Wire

Quite a crowd we’ve got in here, and that’s not the half of it!

Shaun Tan from EcoFiber, Winner of stream 2: Return on Science 110% Pure NZ

Dave McClure addressing the contestants.

Ross from KlickEx, Winner of the BNZ Breaking the Rules Stream 3, with the judges.

Some closing thoughts from us here at the event:

Firstly, what a great event that The Icehouse put on today. A highly entertaining event that got some great exposure for some exciting New Zealand companies. The judges did an excellent job of offering constructive feedback to the presenters whilst maintaining an entertaining product for those watching on.

If we were to offer one critique, it would have to be the disappointing performance from those presenting in the second stream. Whether it was an issue of nerves, preparation or both, the quality of the presentations in this portion of the event was poor. 

Check out the newzealandinc event page for Geeks on a Plane for all of our upcoming coverage. including exclusive interviews with the visiting geeks and profiles from todays winning companies.

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