Friday , March 31 2017
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Blue Skies in Beijing? Must be Apec in town.

Apec Summit  Blue Skies in Beijing again and guaranteed to stay so until the Apec Leaders Jamboree rolls through China’s Capital City. We’re here once again to talk trade; make new business relationships; soak up the trends; gain insights into the progress on TPP and FTAAP; gauge how China is …

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Millions at stake in milk scare stoush

COLUMN - THE LAND  It’s high-stakes for Fonterra and its more than 10,000 farmer shareholders as the dairy cooperative tries to halt Danone’s multimillion-dollar action in the High Court at Auckland. The French food conglomerate wants compensation for alleged damages of the more than half a billion dollars it claims …

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Television co-production agreement with China progresses

Broadcasting Minister Craig Foss met with Chinese officials negotiating the China-NZ television co-production agreement in China today. Negotiations began in 2010, when New Zealand and China signed a film-only co-production agreement. Mr Foss met with Vice Minister Nie Chen Xi in Beijing to discuss the benefits of television production collaboration …

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2013: Christopher Luxon “Think global, but act local”

By Brierley Penn “Think global, but act local,” said Christopher Luxon, of Air NZ, citing the need to have intimate knowledge of individual markets in order to be internationally successful. His company is building a focus on using local marketing to connect to customers, recognizing that a one size fits …

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2013: Kevin Bowler “Chinese visitors $645m each year”

By Brierley Penn In 2012, China became the largest outbound market of any in the world, growing 40% relative to the 2011 period. In the last 12 months, China has become the second most important travel market for New Zealand, said Kevin Bowler, CEO of Tourism NZ, with Chinese visitors …

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2013: Marco Marinkovich “Perception is reality”

By Brierley Penn “New Zealand brand perception has been created over the past 100 years,” said Marco Marinkovich, CEO of Creative Bank. “Perception is reality.” “If I said Ronald Regan, you would think Watergate. If I said Bill Clinton, you would think Monica. If I said Lance Armstrong, you would …

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