newzealandinc.com provides critical insights into how New Zealand companies are faring on the  world stage, key international and domestic issues that really matter to business and a valuable window into New Zealand for the global market.

“We aim to provide crucial business intelligence on New Zealand which is “informed, influential and indispensable” –  Fran O’Sullivan October 2012

Fran O’Sullivan is managing director of NZ Inc –  publisher of the newzealandinc.com website which focuses on New Zealand’s business engagement with top markets such as China, Australia, the US, India and the Asean bloc.

NZ Inc is also the organizing partner for the annual China Business Summit and other internationally-focused events which drive New Zealand’s international business engagement.  Fran Co-Chairs the China Business Summit -and sits as a member of the New Zealand China Council’s Advisory Board.

She is deputy chairman of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (NZ) which brings together government officials acting in their private capacity; academia and business representatives to engage with counter-parts within Apec’s membership on issues of regional economic importance.

Fran was a founder-director of the New Zealand United States Council in 2001 having led the private sector task force which originated the council. She subsequently served as vice-president of the council and is a member of the advisory board. She also a regular participant in NZ’s partnership forums with the United States, Australia and Japan.

Fran is a former editor of National Business Review, New Zealand’s leading business weekly, and a former Assistant Editor at the New Zealand Herald. She has an award-winning track record in business journalism including twice being awarded Journalist of the Year at the Qantas Awards and has won international awards for newspaper marketing. She writes a twice weekly column for the New Zealand Herald.

NZ Inc is a member of the China New Zealand Trade Association and the India New Zealand Business Council.

The Team – Correspondents

Gabriel James is interested in medicine, science, technology and business. He has a successful record in information technology in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Gabriel has held positions at Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq Computers and consulted on data centre infrastructures and trading systems in investment banking.

He has a BSc (Hons), in Biomedical Science specialising in neuroscience from the University of Auckland where he worked on the genetics of neurodegenerative disease and a PHD  in Plant Science at the Australian National University. The focus of his research is industrial microbiology and the development of advanced biofuels. He is working on genetics of microalgae and cyanobacteria to increase their oil productivity for transport fuels.

Gabriel is involved in a range of scientific collaborations and industrial partnerships for developing renewable energy in New Zealand and Australia and recently launched Heliase Genomics.

The Team – Journalists

Brierley Penn is a fifth year student at the University of Auckland, working towards a conjoint degree in Law and Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Finance. Brierley has a keen interest in international business and trade and is working as a columnist intern for NZ Inc Ltd alongside her university studies.
Brierley has a broad range of experience at both national and international university levels in fields such as debating and management consulting. She has completed an internship specialising in financial law at Russell McVeagh law firm and another internship at UBS.

Alexander  Speirs is a Commerce graduate from the University of Auckland majoring in Accounting and Finance. Alex has a keen interest in foreign affairs and international business relations, as well as a true passion for writing. Alex joined NZ Inc Ltd as a business intern in 2012 and is now a business journalist for NZ Inc.