Cunliffe’s silence ramps up speculation on David Shearer’s future

Labour Party MP David Cunliffe won’t confirm whether he will support David Shearer when the Labour Party caucus votes on its leadership in February next year.
Speaking this weekend on TV3’s “The Nation” Cunliffe said: “I haven’t given it any thought”.
“I’m not prepared to discuss individual remits, whatever they are.
“I’m a very strong supporter of the organisational review.
“I haven’t formed a view on any particular matters that are caucus matters and in any particular case, it wouldn’t be appropriate to talk about them now.”
Shearer said he was “absolutely” confident he would win the vote.
Between now and February, “I will be doing exactly what I’m doing now – being the leader of the Labour Party”.
“The thing I have to do is get out and talk about the real issues that are facing New Zealand.
“That’s jobs, that’s employment, that’s education.
“That’ my job.
“That’s the only thing I’m focused on.”
Cunliffe said he would be enjoying “a very nice restful summer”.
* Video courtesy Frontpage

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