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Friday, October 2

John Key spoke at a breakfast hosted by the Asia Society this week, where he talked about China’s attitude towards the TPP and New Zealand’s place in it. See the video here.  ” Video: New Zealand Leader Says China Sees Opportunity in the TPP

Former NZ PM Helen Clark made her position on New Zealand’s part in TPP perfectly clear, as covered by the New Zealand Herald- according to her, it’s unthinkable that we be left out.

Less positive is Gordon Campbell’s reaction. In a column, Campbell calls the TPP “a done deal”. Gordon Campbell on TPP Dairy, and Investor-State Disputes

This week also saw the Canadian government assure its farmers that they would be compensated for any losses resulting from the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, as reported by Reuters Canada. Reuters Canada: Canada to Pay Farmers For Losses Under Any Trade Dear: Minister


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