Geeks on a Plane – Company Profile: KlickEx

Winner – BNZ: Breaking the Rules

Above: Chuffed – CEO of KlickEx, Ross Peat with his award.

A new web-based foreign exchange service managed to sufficiently pique the judges’ interest, including that of Dave McClure – Director of Marketing for PayPal from 2001 to 2006. KlickEx aims to change the way foreign exchange transactions take place by providing market making services for buyers and sellers of foreign currencies.

KlickEx uses the internet to find the very best exchange rates based on the urgency (priority) of the transaction and current market conditions. Customers select rates based on these results, then KlickEx scans foreign banks and local businesses to locate funds at the selected rate. Once located, the exchange is instant – and the funds arrive in the other country immediately.

This network means foreign exchange transactions of as little as $1 can now be undertaken instantly, and cost-effectively processed onwards to domestic banks in real time.

KlickEx boasts a formidable executive team, featuring active executives from NZX Energy Trading, Accounting (NZX Listed), and past Managing Directors of NYSE listed Technology Stock, and high-calibre development and investment capital institutions, and trading banks.

Off the back of a strong finish to 2012, KlickEx will be an interesting company to follow throughout 2013.

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