Gabriel Makhlouf becomes moderate

Treasury secretary Gabs Makhlouf asked panel what keeps them awake at night in relation to TPP.

Cal Cohen – a nightmare that the negotiations not include the US. Urge the negotiators to achieve high standards but do expeditiously. Can’t expect Canada to open up dairy market if we won’t open up sugar. Also apparel for a country like Vietnam it is the most important product. The net result is country like Vietnam will not make the commitment to IP and investment; Sensitive issues must be addressed – but must be addressed early not late – if meet obligations of getting talks done.

One area dealing 21st century issues -I worry we not tackle them – very difficult – simplifying the supply chain; What is next is – the spaghetti bowl? The dirty secret is that many businesses do not avail themselves of the benefits of FTAs – not make sense to tailor each agreement, simplifying the supply chains absolutely critical…means dealing with behind the border issues; access to markets, that is an example eof a 21st century issue – require great deal of work..the last thing keeps me awake at night is trade agreements

What next – one set of provisions not in TPP will mean yesterday ‘sand not tomorrow’s agreement; got to get an evergreen accord; structures need to be put n place in the agreement that enable regulators and other officials to com together to talk about what needs to be done; Cross border data flow shows agreements outdate outdated after signed.

Simon Power: TPP – agree with momentum. From a NZ perspective one of the challenges is the level of domestic understanding of TPP and particular importance to economic growth and prospective matters intangible way small countries and impact on employment. peaking more specifically about he upside of this initiative.,.

Johanna Shelon Google – Technology will continue to advance – on vacation in NZ OK glasses take a picture

John Wilson – About the forum – China Middle East and North Africa. Dairy industry – predicting significant growth – look to demand growth out of Asia – will

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come from US largely…huge opportunities focus forward not behind:

Tami Overby – US Chamber Commerce – If Vietnam doesn’t get market access to US textile market see are not able to do the very difficult things the US is asking. I hope the US Government makes sure a balanced agreement and our trade partners get enough reward to sell it domestically, increasing strong politics win

Met 6 orf 11 negotiators there..working very hard for an October Bali conclusion.

Asked every negotiator when will Japanese join negotiations none give definitive response. Japan will be at the KL round in July…this is the single most important trade agreement that the use had the opportunity to

Media – you have one of the most important roles in entire agreement to understand domestic public understand to all economies in Asia.

Cal — one of the 20th century issuers from perspective of US negotiators hands are tied…they would put their support behind very expansive provisions to enable business professionals to cross borders problem is that their hands are tied problem the legifsltioros in congress said not belong in trade agreement –

good news – legislation on congress ovine forward on immigration – agreement allowing movement of persons paretic bus professions bad news in terms of tpp very little our govt allowed to do bnecause of restrictions ….necessary pooling of talent – a grossly underestimated force behind where young highly skilled human capital will head…

Tami – side letter after FTA did include highly skilled labour provisions…us chamber and aflcio agree

Kieran Brown,,strartgegy [ jophn ….no shortage of ability to tell the story and take people with us – innovative stuff…

cal – intenrtiional trade anxiety about future and what is next – they were afraid their children and grandchildren would not have security – sector jobs and ability to provide for themselves…if we want the support for international trade we have to deal with these social issues – these are domestic issues that need to be resolved 0 and if so suooirt by here of international trade…

google- information flows…increasing investment in economic growth..capitasiing on digital marketing techniques,…

clear flexible and balanced pop – enable advances in technology to ocurre and privy …data protection directive

249 million advertising dried up…etc..

power: narrative and story got to be right – less conceded that strategy and more concerned about doing…making the project gal for the people who are going to benefit from it and tangible short term results…

gabs makhlouf – ups security of commjnivating poorly …


if you don’t have agriculture onboard – it is DOA – dead on arrival… way and means and finance…the bottom line is when votes are going to be taken in the us congress they will vbe looking to their constituent and say have you needed been met – if her this agreement means jobs and economic growth the votes are going to be there,,,within the sector of yarn and fabric they will say they need certain provisions…still in end oppose agrement

auto – really have to do with Japan.,don’t believe what is done on sugar a little or a lot more that the sugar lobby will ever sport a trade agreement

minister amoria 120 staff devoted to topp – 60 focused negtns and same domestic,,,

this is not your father’s japan – the japan that understand this is their last hcnace to gain the status and economic survival…


we have amulitlateral electoral system,,,,


question: what seems tricky here you don’t get to try it beofe our buy it?

Gabs- not invest enough in the simple things like explaining…one downside for trade agreements become

success taken as the singing of the agreement – what it delvers and how it suggeedds,


egdgar win – senrio fellow trade how get to long term goal re China???by 2020 a pan agreement,,.,


Tami: we complete tpp and if true to neging obis high stand and comprehsneveis – if do in way that is transparent and bnindg and enforceable – make more surprise rcpet created cos indocnesia evolving – Gita went from to tell us what is involved…


Wilson: last five weeks – tow of the in – meeting myanmar – exactly same conversation food security…changed dynamic..

I think japan coming into TPP is an enabler…met three largest dairy companies – conversation not if tpp but when.. significant mindset change.,d cissn

with dairy sedrro how make chanes involved iabnd give s timem


NAFTA – failure colossal proportion to espaln to – been a big succeeds but we need to work better with media to taell that story – not understood…


if we have an outstanding agreement – will want to come on board…other countries can bolt on and join talks at a second stage,,,





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