Day 9: Shanghai

Just a short entry for the blog today. We left the hotel in Beijing at 5:30 this morning enroute to the airport. After a few far-too-close calls, Fran and I successfully boarded and were on our way to Shanghai.

Pudong airport is quite a distance from central Shanghai – connecting the two however is the engineering marvel that is the Maglev Train. Dubbed the magnetic train, the train levitates above the tracks, reaching speeds in excess of 400km/h.

Driving from the train station through Shanghai on the way to our next point of residence, the contrast to Beijing was immediately noticeable as a far more Western-styled city unfolded.

After some very brief exploration around the People’s Square – I had a meeting with two young New Zealand business leaders working here in Shanghai – Andrew Johnson and Mark Tanner. In a welcome and relaxing change of pace, I learned about their journeys to China and some of the exciting things they’re both up to here. It was great to catch up with some young Kiwis here in Shanghai as they gave a colourful and entertaining account of the Chinese business world.

That’s all from me for today – tomorrow promises to be far more full on as the business agenda is back on track with a number of meetings lined up.

Be sure to look out for my interviews with Andrew and Mark here on in the coming days.

Zai Hui!

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