Back Primary Growth Partnership vote or else

Federated Farmers is warning New Zealand’s levy paying meat farmers that if the Primary Growth Partnership vote fails, farmers will be throwing away scientific investments vital for its future.

“Federated Farmers Meat & Fibre executive supports the Collaboration for Sustainable Growth PGP,” says Jeanette Maxwell, Federated Farmers Meat & Fibre chairperson “The biggest thing farmers tell me they want is unity in the meat industry so here it is.

“Farmers may well say it is yet more behind the farm gate stuff, but if we can’t show we can come together and back something to improve the entire industry, then what hope is there for needed changes outside the farm gate.When was the last time we saw AFFCO, Alliance Group, ANZCO Foods, Blue Sky Meats, Progressive Meats, Silver Fern Farms and even the accountancy firm, Deloitte, all on the same page?

“It is significant that ANZ Bank and Rabobank are willing to be part of this change.  Farmers have a chance to lead it so the vote is that important. We also need to remember that Beef+Lamb NZ is an industry good body.  One of its key objectives to use our farmer levies for ‘behind the farm gate’ matters. Do we seriously want to wave off $30 million plus of Government investment saying, “no thanks, our industry is fine,” when we all know it isn’t? To put our farmer investment into context, we need to us plot it against the $6.4 billion in exports generated by meat, wool and hides to January 2013.  The annual farmer investment in the PGP, over the seven years it will run, is $2.81 million but it will get us the returns we need. This Primary Growth Partnership is about executing the Red Meat Strategy but the proposal needs farmers to tick yes.




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