Ask me anything: Helen Clark takes to Reddit

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen

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Clark took to social news and entertainment website Reddit this morning to answer user questions.

Reddit boasts over 43 million users and is the same platform used by Obama last year to promote his re-election campaign.

IAmA is one of the most popular sections of the website where people begin with “I am a…” and follow with AMA “ask me anything”.

Well known participants have included Barack Obama, Stephen Colbert, Ron Paul, Bill Gates and now Helen Clark.

In her AMA she touched on issues she addressed during her time as Prime Minister through to her current position as Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme.

On her role in the late Sir Paul Holmes being granted a knighthood:

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agree with knighthoods – my government abolished them. But I do think the late Paul Holmes was worthy of a top honour.”

On the need for a constitution in New Zealand:

“NZ has firm constitutional arrangements – I don’t think it necessarily needs a document titled “The Constitution”. Perhaps if it changes its status from constitutional monarchy to republic one day, it will have to be more formal…”

On her biggest challenge while Prime Minister:

“Re single biggest challenge – getting unemployment down and keeping it down – which I’m happy to say was achieved!”

On the United Nations Millennium Development Goals:

“Overall the MDGs have been a success – at the global level. But there are huge differences within countries and between countries on the rate of progress. The post-2015 agenda development should not lose sight of the unfinished MDG business, while also taking up issues which weren’t fully incorporated in the MDGs we currently have.”

She did however refuse to be drawn into the on-going Kim Dotcom saga.

“While you can ask anything – don’t expect me to dive back into Kiwi political debates! Been there, done that!” – said Clark.

A full transcript of the Q+A with Clark can be found here.

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