Around the Web Special – TPP

With TPP front and centre on New Zealand’s agenda this next fortnight as Auckland plays host to the 15th round of negotiations, is running some special around the webs to gauge what’s being said about TPP around the globe.

The New Zealand Herald  TPP anything but plain sailing  Fran O’Sullivan discusses the intricacies of negotiating the terms of TPP, quoting the US Chamber of Commerce and former Primer Minister Dame Jenny Shipley.

TV3 News (New Zealand)   US companies ‘out to get Pharmac’  TV3’s Dylan Moran speaks to Lori Wallach, from American organisation Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch about American public perspective on TPP and what he sees as the implications for Pharmac should TPP succeed.

iPolitics Canada   Which Canadaian Industries are in New Zealand for 15th TPP round?  Interested in who the Canadian government has sent as their representatives for their first official round of TPP negotiations?

The Sacramento Bee Teamsters lead TPP fight, gain backing for Senate letter on trade talks   Senator Al Franklen and 23 of his colleagues present an open letter to US President Barack Obama outlining the criteria required for the Teamsters labour union to support TPP.

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