2019 – China Business: Mission Accomplished

In the 2019 China Business report, we looked at what was in store for China’s economy over the following year, and heard expert views on why China’s growth might have been got worse despite Beijing’s increasingly aggressive easing and stimulus measures.

We looked at the latest on geopolitics and the China-US trade war, delving into the latest on a deal with then US President Trump, and consider whether the trade talks meant the beginning of a new world order.

The report looked at Hong Kong’s Cyberport and spoke with New Zealand businesses that had established themselves there, considering the advantages offered for start-ups.

The sharing economy was transforming the Chinese economy more than ever, and we looked at the biggest trends shaking up the industry in 2019 and considered what these might mean for New Zealand.

As New Zealand and Australia blocked the use of Huawei equipment in the rollout of 5G networks, we looked at the latest, and considered what the repercussions for New Zealand might be.


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