2013: Christopher Luxon

Christopher Luxon

Chief Executive Officer, Air New Zealand

Summary of presentation

It was apparent from Christopher Luxon’s address that Air New Zealand are deeply cognisant of the role the company plays in impacting the Chinese market for New Zealand businesses. While “proud to be the national carrier,” Luxon emphasised the corresponding “huge responsibility” that comes with having New Zealand in the brand name. That responsibility can be practised via “hunting as a pack” alongside other NZ businesses with an interest in the Chinese market. To facilitate this, Luxon shared advice from the successful strategy Air New Zealand had actioned in the process of flying ever-increasing numbers of Chinese visitors to New Zealand.

“Thinking global but acting local” meant understanding the importance of employing local Chinese staff to serve that market; developing a marketing strategy with similarly local resonance; and maintaining product delivery that matches the expectations that Air New Zealand have become famous for. Importantly following the then recent Fonterra scare, Luxon highlighted that “quality control is not just a dairy industry issue, but also a tourism issue.”

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