Thursday , April 26 2018
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The Kelsey File: NZ on ‘hiding to nothing’ with TPP


Jane Kelsey is damning ‘unprecedented procedural machinations and an unholy alliance with the Republicans’  as enabling Barack Obama a super-majority to advance fast track authority in the US Senate by a single vote.   The University of Auckland law professor reckons “the damage to relations between the President and his core …

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Alan Oxley: Trade deals need to remain focused on trade

Comment  By Alan Oxley Last week’s APEC Leaders’ Meeting in Beijing was more significant than many business leaders realise – and certainly more important than the anti-trade protests that gained headlines across New Zealand. For the first time, there was a genuine agreement – and push — on  a broader …

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Blue Skies in Beijing? Must be Apec in town.

Apec Summit  Blue Skies in Beijing again and guaranteed to stay so until the Apec Leaders Jamboree rolls through China’s Capital City. We’re here once again to talk trade; make new business relationships; soak up the trends; gain insights into the progress on TPP and FTAAP; gauge how China is …

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Let’s Make APEC 2014 About Free Trade

Apec Summit  By Charles Finny With the Republicans back in control of both the House and Senate in the US there are positive signs that the dysfunction apparent in recent years on the hill may be ending.  With both President Obama and the Republican Leadership stating a desire to work …

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