Saturday , June 23 2018
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While you were sleeping Temporary relief for US debt

Wall Street extended gains after the US House voted in favour of a plan that allows the Treasury to borrow beyond the US$16.4 trillion limit until May 19 to avoid the threat of default. Republicans are seeking cuts to spending in return. “The bill we are passing today, we think, …

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While you were sleeping: Jitters over US debt ceiling

Wall Street was mixed as concerns about the US debt ceiling, and the potential impact on the economy, moved to the fore. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner warned that failure to lift the US$16.4 trillion debt limit by early March would “impose severe economic hardship.” Fitch Ratings on Tuesday said it …

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Legendary Julian Robertson joins Twitter? Or is this a fake?

Legendary Tiger Fund founder “Julian Robertson” has apparently joined Twitter and is already making a splash with pungent comments on the US fiscal cliff. Problem us – is this Julian for real or a fake Twitter account?  Some on Twitter say they have contacted his office to be told it …

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While you were sleeping, optimism on US budget talks

 Wall Street climbed amid signs that budget talks between US Democrats and Republicans are finally progressing, raising optimism an agreement to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff will be reached by the year-end deadline. President Barack Obama is said to have offered House Speaker John Boehner a lower target for new …

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