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China Business Summit: Jeremy Webb

Jeremy Webb, Digital Influence Strategist and Head of Social at Ogilvy Public Relations sought to buck the trend on social media discussion in his address to the China business Summit, giving tips on making a brand – not breaking it. “Social media in China is enormous,” said Webb. “95% of ...

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China Business Summit: Charles Finny

“China remains our major market in education, but we are not at our peak,” according to Charles Finny, Chairman of Education NZ. In the past, New Zealand’s market for inbound students from China has followed a boom and bust cycle, with the latest peak around the 2002-03 period. Finny says ...

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China Business Summit 2013: Christopher Luxon

chris luxon

By Brierley Penn “Think global, but act local,” said Christopher Luxon, of Air NZ, citing the need to have intimate knowledge of individual markets in order to be internationally successful. His company is building a focus on using local marketing to connect to customers, recognizing that a one size fits ...

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China Business Summit 2013: Kevin Bowler

By Brierley Penn In 2012, China became the largest outbound market of any in the world, growing 40% relative to the 2011 period. In the last 12 months, China has become the second most important travel market for New Zealand, said Kevin Bowler, CEO of Tourism NZ, with Chinese visitors ...

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China Business Summit 2013: Marco Marinkovich

By Brierley Penn “New Zealand brand perception has been created over the past 100 years,” said Marco Marinkovich, CEO of Creative Bank. “Perception is reality.” “If I said Ronald Regan, you would think Watergate. If I said Bill Clinton, you would think Monica. If I said Lance Armstrong, you would ...

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China Business Summit 2013: Hon Tim Groser Address

By Brierley Penn First, I would like to congratulate the Auckland Chamber of Commerce, NZ Inc and all the agencies and sponsors for putting this event together. I know and have worked with many of you on the New Zealand side over the years either on the China relationship or ...

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China Business Summit: Cathy Quinn

By Brierley Penn Cathy Quinn, Chair of Minter Ellison Rudd Watts, shared her success strategies for Chinese investment transactions in New Zealand at the China Business Summit this morning. Most importantly, she reminded the audience that it is vital to both understand and invest in your relationship with Chinese counterparts. ...

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Look in the Mirror – Pat English

Comment  So often when companies are developing a China strategy, they focus on the ‘window of opportunity’ and while they’re not wrong to do this, what many are forgetting to do (or don’t know to do) is to firstly ‘look in the mirror’. What do they see? Do they have ...

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