China From The Inside – Shifting Nature Episode 3 of 4

China from the Inside – the 4th and final episode of this series is scheduled for 11 am December 16.

The series has provoked controversy on You Tube – Here’s a few comments

  • “It’s call industrialization. I lost count of how many negative points in all of the series. Maybe it’s time to make some documentary of the problems in America. After all, US can do more to improve their own society i.e. creating jobs. Preaching hate and spreading lies won’t get you anything but WAR.” Wee Lee

  • “This documentary is about China,not the US. There are millions of documentaries about the problems in America, comment your thoughts there, not here. Once again, if there are incorrect statements in THIS video, feel free to elaborate them. szakeetm in reply to Wee Lee  

  • “This documentary is about a tragedy going on in China. Many people comment ‘yes, but the US also pollutes, blabla…’. Seriously, this isn’t a documentary to prove that China is polluting more, it shows the environmental price of quick industrialization. So even if the west is also polluting, what goes on in China is still a disaster, and please keep focusing on that, as that’s the subject of this video. szakeetm

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