Tuesday , November 20 2018
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Tripartite Economic Alliance

Sharing Culture through Animation


Cartoon and animation has proven to be an excellent medium to successfully integrate culture and characters with a global audience. The Chinese animation and comic industry is worth US$15 billion, the Chinese gaming industry is worth over US$21 billion. Collaborative productions such as KungFu Panda (created by a joint venture …

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Tying it all together: timing, location, and people


The Chinese government is heavily promoting entrepreneurship and there is a natural drive towards innovation as the country’s economy moves into a new phase. China is quickly becoming known for high-quality innovation, and the creation of new ideas and technology out of what already exists. China’s history as a manufacturer …

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Liveable Cities: What is good for the environment is good for business


Green buildings in Los Angeles are demonstrating a higher average occupancy level, increased occupant satisfaction over the general market, as well as higher rental rates. Watt Companies was one of the first major property companies in Los Angeles to introduce sustainable practices in its properties. “Ultimately, green buildings demonstrate a …

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Liveable Cities: Britomart as a common ground


Until the early 1900s, rail in Auckland came right into the bottom of Queen Street. It has recently returned to Britomart – albeit underground – and has been integral to the evolution and revitalisation of Auckland’s CBD. Britomart has become a gateway for Auckland and is helping to remove barriers …

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Māori economy: Becoming a significant economic powerhouse


Several decades ago, there was a common perception that all Māori were factory workers, truck drivers, or cleaners – Maori success in business was only ever seen as the exception. Māori are quickly becoming significant economic powerhouses, owning an estimated NZ$40 billion of assets in New Zealand. Māori are spiritual …

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Now is the time for brands to own their audiences


The advertising landscape is rapidly changing. This provides an opportunity to those brands that are able to adapt to secure ownership over their audience that will deliver lasting returns. Brands that don’t adapt will forever pay to access someone else’s audience, whether that is a television network or a YouTube …

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The Power of the Influencer Economy


Tom Influencers have always existed. Movie stars or sporting greats have been used for a long time to endorse products, but increasingly endorsements come from self-made online personalities. Businesses and brands can’t expect the same level of control they may have enjoyed in the past. Consumers expect endorsement to be …

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Minister calls for creation of a Tripartite Business Degree


Minister Steven Joyce spoke of the opportunity to create a ‘Tripartite business degree’. His proposal would see business students from Auckland, Los Angeles, and Guangzhou spend two semesters studying in each city. The initiative could attract new, talented business students to New Zealand and allow them to contribute to the …

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Challenges link Tripartite cities


Auckland, Los Angeles, and Guangzhou share similar challenges as our cities grow. There are many areas that we can share experiences and learn from each other on. A memorandum of understanding signed by the Tamaki Makaurau Design Alliance, Guangzhou Urban Planning Design Survey Research Institute (GZPI), and Los Angeles Business …

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