Friday , May 26 2017
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Michael Bassett: What a farce!

Comment  You have to feel sorry for John Key that he’s been subjected to so many off-stage alarums and excursions during this, the dirtiest election campaign of my lifetime. It started with Hager’s Dirty Tricks book, dropped close to the campaign, leaving insufficient time to check the details. Hager calculated …

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Alexander Speirs: Next time Dotcom – substance, not smarm.

Comment  It was the bomb that was supposed to flip the election on its head. The documents set to unveil a vast conspiracy by the Prime Minister against Kim Dotcom. John Key’s Moment of Truth. What a flop. There was no smoking gun. No game-changing piece of information. Instead, politically …

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Don Brash vents on Act’s coverage (via Facebook)

Comment  I’ve always been reluctant to believe in media conspiracies, but having watched the way in which Radio New Zealand and TVNZ have been covering this election campaign I have to conclude that those driving the election coverage on those channels are either wildly Left-wing or plain ignorant, and I’m …

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PM plays to the crowd in post-budget address

In front of the “biggest Cabinet Club of the year”, John Key delivered a rousing post-budget address in Auckland this afternoon. It was a top-drawer performance from the Prime Minister, earning full marks from the business leaders who had shelled out $500 to attend. “The bottom line of yesterday’s budget …

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Budget 2014: At a Glance

Official Government ‘ need to know’ facts and figures from the 2014 budget. Balanced and responsible management of the New Zealand economy continues, allowing more investment in families and public assets (All figures for four years to 2017/18 unless otherwise stated). Looking ahead to the results of responsible economic management Economic …

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Aaron Quintal: A pop song Budget for a rock star economy?

Budget 2014 is first and foremost a conservative budget.  You could only be disappointed if you went into it expecting something spectacular.  This budget didn’t disappoint because we got exactly what we expected: more of the same.  This is not a budget that will change anyone’s opinion of the Government, …

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