Friday , May 26 2017
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Tripartite meeting speech: Guangzhou Mayor


Mayor Len Brown and Councillors Bill Cashmore and Denise Krum led a delegation of 43 Auckland businesses to the inaugural Tripartite Economic Alliance Summit in Los Angeles. “Auckland is New Zealand’s only global city and we are fast becoming a significant innovation hub in the Asia-Pacific region. The summit gives us the chance to …

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Sean Keane: Is the CHAfta necessarily a bad thing for New Zealand?

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The China/Australia Free Trade Agreement, or “CHAfta” as it is being called, gives Australian dairy farmers much better access to the Chinese infant formula market, which they have been beaten out of by the New Zealanders in recent years. Agricultural sector writer Alan Emerson recently noted that in 2009 New …

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Global push to act on tax avoidance has broad support, English says

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There is broad global support for moves to curb international tax avoidance, New Zealand Finance Minister Bill English said on the sidelines of the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Brisbane. Cracking down on tax avoidance is one of the key agenda items at this weekend’s G20 Summit, where New Zealand is an invited guest. The …

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