Sunday , September 23 2018
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The Nation: Lisa Owen interviews Simon Bridges


Transport minister Simon Bridges says the Cost Benefit Ratio for Auckland’s East West Link is 1.9. He says he doesn’t have an up to date CBR for the rail alternative, but the road option is going ahead. Bridges won’t be drawn on whether Auckland Council should sell off assets to …

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Q+A: Gareth Morgan interviewed by Corin Dann


Philanthropist turned political party founder Gareth Morgan is pledging a million dollars of his own money to charities in exchange for the contact details of potential voters. Speaking on TVNZ’s Q+A programme this morning, Mr Morgan told Corin Dann the donations would be made instead of spending on pre-election advertising …

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The Nation: Lisa Owen and four hopeful MPs


Lisa Owen: Come election day on September 23rd, many of our MPs will be returned to Parliament. But there will also be a whole lot of new MPs turning up in Wellington, all fresh-faced, full of optimism and energy, and this morning we have four in the studio who hope …

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The Nation: Lisa Owen interviews Gerry Brownlee


Foreign Affairs Minister Gerry Brownlee says his meeting with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson this week will focus on trading relations, the war on terrorism and relative positions on climate change. Despite US President Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, the door has been …

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Q+A: Winston Peters on the Government’s “disastrous” budget


Although New Zealand First voted to support the budget on Thursday night leader Winston Peters described the government’s budget as “disastrous”. Jessica Mutch: I want to start off by asking you – the budget that was delivered this week, what would you have done differently? Winston Peters: A whole lot …

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Q+A: Opposition leaders on the Government’s budget


Labour and the Greens say they’re still committed to changing the government at this year’s election even though they held differing views on the Government’s budget this week. James Shaw explained to Jessica Mutch that his party felt it had to support National’s budget this week. Labour Finance spokesperson Grant …

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Q+A: Jessica Mutch interviews Steven Joyce post-budget


Finance Minister Steven Joyce has defended criticism that his maiden budget this week was stepping on territory traditionally held by the Labour party, saying family tax credits had been a part of New Zealand for decades. Jessica Mutch: I want to start off by asking you – in 2008, you …

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The Nation: Lisa Owen interviews Steven Joyce post-budget


Finance Minister Steven Joyce says his budget treats everyone fairly, but says it’s aimed at families with children and low to middle incomes. Joyce says 6,000 families will be worse off after the budget by up to $3 a week. Another 200 families will be worse off by more than …

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