Tuesday , October 16 2018
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Q+A: Corin Dann interviews NZ First leader Winston Peters

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.@winstonpeters bottom lines… so far. pic.twitter.com/c7YIK0MCaI — Tim McCready 🇳🇿 (@Tim_McCready) July 16, 2017 CORIN Winston Peters has been on a two-week regional tour, finishing with the New Zealand First AGM and convention in Manukau this weekend. Mr Peters joins us from there. Good morning to you, Mr Peters. WINSTON …

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The Nation: Lisa Owen interviews Metiria Turei

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Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei denies reports that the party caucus discussed forcing a second 2017 election if it isn’t happy with the result. MP Barry Coates was quoted as saying that, but Turei says it was never brought up. Ms Turei says she did discuss with caucus the strategy …

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The Nation: Lisa Owen interviews new political candidates


Lisa Owen: When Parliament sits for the first time after the election in September, there’ll be a raft of new faces on the backbenches, and some of them are with me now in the studio — National’s Erica Stanford, Priyanca Radhakrishnan of Labour, the Green Party’s Jack McDonald and Brooke …

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Q+A: Metiria Turei interviewed by Jessica Mutch


Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei is not ruling out working with New Zealand First if her party is in a position with Labour to form a government after the September 23 election. Speaking on TVNZ’s Q+A this morning, Ms Turei told Jessica Mutch that although she found leader Winston Peters’ …

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The Nation: Lisa Owen interviews Shane Jones


Despite ruling out working with the Greens when he was last in parliament, Shane Jones now says with Russel Norman gone, he could. He says he looks forward to debating Metiria Turei. Jones says Hone Harawira should “park up” his idea of executing Chinese drug suppliers, but he has his …

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The Nation: Patrick Gower interviews Bill English


Prime Minister Bill English now says there’s no evidence that his MP Todd Barclay actually did make recordings of his colleague, Glenys Dickson. English says he’s satisfied that the issue has been handled as well as it could. He says no one comes out of it looking good, but he …

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Q+A: Andrew Little interviewed by Jessica Mutch


Labour leader Andrew Little told Jessica Mutch the marae had not deserved the criticism. “That is a good marae. It is well set up. It’s got good facilities. It’s got fantastic leadership,” Mr Little said. He said he had not spoken to former Labour Auckland head Matt McCarten, who organised …

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The Nation: Lisa Owen interviews Hone Harawira


Mana Party Hone Harawira has raised the idea of executing Chinese drug dealers, imprisoning them for life or deporting them, as a response to the methamphetamine problem in his area. “We can pass a law to say any Chinese that brings meth or precursors into this country is either going …

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Q+A: Tracey Martin and Sue Bradford


NZ First MP Tracey Martin told TVNZ’s Q+A programme that the law change has had a “chilling effect” on NZ parents including herself. “Well, we’ve always argued, for 25 years, around binding a referenda on issues like this, where our citizens need to speak. We have a representative democracy. 113 temporarily …

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Q+A: Minister Judith Collins interviewed by Corin Dann


Energy and Resources Minister Judith Collins told Q+A there’s a 1-4% chance that people will be asked to make some voluntary reductions in electricity usage. Judith Collins was speaking to Corin Dann about low lake levels and the impact this might have on power bills. ‘And if that happens, retailers …

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