Wednesday , March 21 2018
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2017 – Mood of the Boardroom


An overwhelming majority of chief executives see Jacinda Ardern’s confirmation as leader of the Labour Party as an election game-changer. There is astrong mood for change among the 118 respondents to the Herald’s Mood of the Boardroom Election Survey. Some 88 per cent see Ardern as the lightning rod which …

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Q+A: David Parker interviewed by Corin Dann


Labour’s water spokesman David Parker’s standing by the party’s plan for farmers to pay for water, and says critics who say produce prices will go up are scaremongering. CORIN Good morning to you. Let’s clear this up. What is the rate that you would charge farmers?  DAVID Farmers, as opposed …

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The Nation: Lisa Owen interviews Boris Johnson


British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says he’s comfortable with the UK selling billions of dollars’ worth of arms to Saudi Arabia, which have been used to kill thousands of civilians in Yemen. Johnson says there needs to be an internationally recognised means to look at the funding of terrorism, following …

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Q+A: Simon Bridges interviewed by Corin Dann


Corin Dann: Good morning to you, Minister Bridges. Thank you for joining us. Looking at the literature about your ethics to try and restore growth in the regions over the course of the last nine years – a lot of reports, a lot of rehashed reports, a lot of energy …

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The Nation: Lisa Owen interviews Willie Jackson


Labour’s Maori Campaign Director Willie Jackson says he has spoken to “two or three” Green Party candidates, about cooperating in the Maori seats, in order to beat the Maori Party/Mana Party. But Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei has already tweeted telling The Nation “That is not the case. The leadership …

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Q+A: Metiria Turei interviewed by Jessica Mutch


 An emotional Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei has broken down on TVNZ 1’s Q+A programme recalling the time she illegally claimed benefits as a solo mum in the early 1990s. Speaking to Jessica Mutch, Ms Turei said she was facing significant hardship when she claimed extra welfare money. “I had …

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The Nation: Lisa Owen interviews Judith Collins


Revenue Minister Judith Collins says she has asked for advice on whether corporate charities should pay tax, after concerns were raised. But she says it’s not a top priority for her at the moment. Collins says multinationals paying tax is a more important issue. In order to recoup that tax, …

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The Nation: Lisa Owen interviews Jacinda Ardern


Labour’s deputy leader Jacinda Adern says her ideal job would be Minister for Children in a Labour-led government. She won’t say whether she would take over as leader if Andrew Little didn’t make it in to Parliament at the election. “Andrew Little is taking us to the election for victory. …

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Q+A: Corin Dann interviews NZ First leader Winston Peters

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.@winstonpeters bottom lines… so far. — Tim McCready 🇳🇿 (@Tim_McCready) July 16, 2017 CORIN Winston Peters has been on a two-week regional tour, finishing with the New Zealand First AGM and convention in Manukau this weekend. Mr Peters joins us from there. Good morning to you, Mr Peters. WINSTON …

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The Nation: Lisa Owen interviews Metiria Turei

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Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei denies reports that the party caucus discussed forcing a second 2017 election if it isn’t happy with the result. MP Barry Coates was quoted as saying that, but Turei says it was never brought up. Ms Turei says she did discuss with caucus the strategy …

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