Thursday , April 26 2018
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The Trans-Pacific Partnership: NZ Inc’s Best of the Web


New Zealand has been a hot topic for international TPP discussion as negotiation’s end draws near. has a tidy summary of what’s standing in the way of TPP as negotiations head toward their final stages, with coverage of Canada’s standoff with the United States and New Zealand over dairy. …

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Exporter earnings ripe for upgrades after kiwi dollar slump

Sharemarket analysts are expecting a slew of profit upgrades and new commentary from stock exchange-listed exporters in the upcoming earnings season following the recent slump in the value of the New Zealand dollar, says Andrew Bascand, the managing director of Wellington-based funds manager Harbour Asset Management. Among likely beneficiaries are …

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From Soju to Sauvignon blanc: Korean FTA


When the New Zealand – Korea free trade agreement signed in March enters into force, tariffs will be eliminated on 48% of current goods. New Zealand’s exports to Korea current attract $229 million every year in duties. In the first year alone the free trade agreement will save an estimated $65 …

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70 years on: Korean Reunification – Bonanza or Bust?


This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, and also the 70th anniversary of Korea’s division into North and South. Last month the World Journalists Conference was held throughout South Korea under the theme ‘the 70th anniversary of the division of Korea: Thinking about unification …

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