Monday , June 18 2018
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TPP negotiators duck “sensitive issues”

Trade analysts and stakeholders in Auckland for the TPP talks have told not to expect any progress on “sensitive” issues – including agricultural access – during this the 15th round of negotiations. It’s all “too hard”; “too early” – which doesn’t really cut it if this deal is to …

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WSJ: The hottest cars of 2012

Breakfast Video  Rumble Seat Columnist Dan Neil test drove all of this year’s hottest cars from the 2012 BMW 330i to the 2012 Porsche Panamera GTS. Here’s a look at those and the rest of the year’s most expensive, fastest, and coolest cars from around the world.

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TPP Talk – Why are negotiations confidential?

TPP negotiations involve 11 countries working towards agreement across a range of complex, sensitive issues. A common element to any international trade process is the need to consider requests that negotiating partners raise.  That is not to say that all proposals can be accommodated.  In some cases they can’t, at …

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Dialogue among ourselves on TPP is timely – Terence O’Brien

Comment  With another round of TPP negotiations beginning  in Auckland a dialogue amongst ourselves about TPP is helpful. This is important in these times of austerity when transparency is at a premium, because it was after all a conspicuous absence of transparency in  financial oversight that  created much of the  …

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Spetsnaz Special: The Legendary Kalashnikov

Weekend Documentary  The Kalashnikov rifle needs no introduction. In this documentary we’ll show you its origins, how it’s made and tested, who uses it, and much more. You’ll be taken to the Izhmash manufacturing plant where the rifles are assembled, see elite soldiers from Russia’s Interior Ministry train with the …

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Jane Kelsey has a whack at Thailand’s quest to join the TPP

Comment  Auckland Law Professor Jane Kelsey says TPP critics will welcome Thailand’s participation, as it will make an already complex deal even more difficult to conclude and bring Thailand’s well-informed analysts, politicians and NGOs into the multi-country campaign to stop the TPP”. Kelsey said the Thai government’s announcement that it wishes …

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