Saturday , June 23 2018
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WTO DG race narrows


The World Trade Organization will begin consultations next week on two candidates to replace Pascal Lamy, the body’s director general, and hopes to name a successor by May 7. Series Although need days best how to purchase viagra couldn’t which get gage traditional difficult if blond, cialis uk microdermabrasion …

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Tim Groser out of the WTO race; Plan B getting TPP done and more


Trade Minister Tim Groser will be focused on Plan B: Getting TPP in place after his disappointment in being dropped from the race for the director-general’s role at the World Trade Organisation. Impeccable sources confirmed to that Groser has been told he will not go through to the final …

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Tim Groser out of the running: Latin American will hold top WTO job

The next head of the World Trade Organization will be either Mexico’s Herminio Blanco or Brazil’s Roberto Azevedo, guaranteeing a Latin American nation will hold the top job at the global trade body for the first time – according to Reuters. While the Reuters report is so far unconfirmed by …

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EU supports Latin American candidates for WTO top job – report


SAO PAULO–The European Union threw its support this week behind Brazil’s Roberto Azevedo and Mexico’s Herminio Blanco to take over as head of the World Trade Organization after Director General Pascal Lamy steps down later this year, U.K. Business Secretary Vince Cable said Wednesday. Azevedo, the current Brazil representative at …

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ANZ Morning Brief: The costs of austerity

THE COSTS OF AUSTERITY. With recent debate over austerity and its likely costs, last night’s fiscal debt and deficit data for Europe made for interesting reading. Encouragingly, the Eurozone general government budget deficit fell to 3.7% of GDP in 2012 from 4.2% in 2011, the lowest since 2008, comparing favourably with …

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India – Jacob Mannothra


Key’s visit initiative will have a tremendous impact on forestry. Especially if supported by positive follow up action from NZ bureaucrats in tariff reduction.  This will certainly boost lumber exports, a reprieve from the death sentence for the kiwi saw mills and thousands of jobs in our heartlands. The other …

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Tim Groser heads onto rival’s home turf as WTO contest sharpens

Tim Groser will make a strong – but indirect – plug for the right person to be appointed to the top job in global trade when he heads to Surabaya, Indonesia tomorrow for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Trade Ministers’ meeting. Groser’s message is – “It is crucial to the …

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ANZ Morning Brief: Cyprus rejects levy proposal

CYPRUS REJECTS LEVY PROPOSAL: Overnight, the focus remained on the Cypriot deposit levy/bailout issue.  In latest news the vote of ‘Plan B’ has just failed. Overnight the Cyprian parliament debated a ‘Plan B’ as they rejected the current governing party’s request to postpone the vote and ‘Plan A’ was a show …

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USTR: TPP negotiations ramp up during 16th round in Singapore

Chief negotiators report that they had achieved the goal set for the round: to put the negotiations on an accelerated track toward conclusion of a next-generation, comprehensive agreement in the 2013 time frame envisioned by President Obama and the leaders of the ten other TPP countries. Through the TPP, the …

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