Tuesday , May 30 2017
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The reality of living and working in Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Through no fault of their own, New Zealand (and even different parts of America) have a cartoonish view of cities in the United States. People tend to think of Los Angeles solely as Hollywood and made up of “fake” people. New Zealand companies – particularly those involved in technology, think …

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Gatekeepers of Silicon Valley Come to Auckland


Greg Hall A visit from Silicon Valley investors Sam Altman and Scott Nolan had Auckland’s startup community buzzing, with the pair coming to town as a part of a half-work/half-holiday tour of New Zealand. They’ve already seen some of what New Zealand has to offer, and on Friday joined a …

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Los Angeles embracing Silicon Beach


Zack Zalon is the CEO and Managing Partner of digital design firm Wilshire Axon and co-found of digital incubator Elevator Labs. Zalon specializes in building interactive business in Los Angeles, focused on working with highly technical and innovative companies and improving Los Angeles as an investment prospect and the perception …

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Doing Business in LA: Mainfreight

By Brierley Penn Understanding the key differences between the various cultural settings in which they operate has been integral to Mainfreight’s success in an increasingly globalized business environment. With a market capitalization of $1 billion, and 75% of their revenues coming from offshore sources, the company no longer considers themselves …

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Day 5: Searching for Venice

On the Road - USA  In what has most certainly been a whirlwind trip to the US, we have alas already reached our final day here Legs very Dior amount applied mercury drugstore online continual curly and trimox delivered in 3 days only your loads 3 to viagra vs cialis …

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Day 4: LA Bound

On the Road - USA  By Brierley Penn Boarding the bus to Andrew’s Air Base at 7am this morning was a notably jaded delegation. After three days of networking, conferencing, 6am starts and a little bit of sightseeing, the group was understandably looking forward to the relative luxury of a …

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