Monday , December 18 2017
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New Zealand

Where now for New Zealand trade?

WTO  Nearly two weeks after the Cancun debacle the full extent of this latest crisis in global governance is starting to sink in. It is too early to say with confidence that the historic new G21 coalition of developing countries that Brazil has stitched together will become a permanent force …

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Billion-dollar blow to NZ trade

NZ Herald  CANCUN – Amid the wreckage of world trade talks last night New Zealand’s negotiating minister, Jim Sutton, refused to play the blame game. The failure was a “collective disgrace”, he said. But there was still sufficient meat on the bones of a draft negotiating framework to give him …

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US acknowledges flinty academic deserves respect

 Shanghai Comment  Prime Minister Helen Clark’s strong backing for the American war on terrorism won her and New Zealand new respect at the Apec conference. After just four days at Shanghai, she is now looking like an emerging Asia-Pacific leader and power player. She has shed, in United States eyes, …

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Fran O’Sullivan: NZ should link arms with US

NZ Herald  Today’s Wall St opening will be the most difficult hurdle for financial markets since the 1987 global sharemarkets collapse. The one-week halt to trading is the longest since the First World War closure. The human carnage wreaked by terrorists who destroyed New York’s twin pillars of capitalism – …

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Business leaders meet the world shapers

NZ Herald  More than fine New Zealand wine will be flowing this weekend at Apec. The chief executives’ summit will bring together around 330 international delegates for four busy days of debate and discussion in a forum which aims to build relationships between business and politics and analyse the impact …

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Plugging Apec – or how not to sell politicians

NZ Herald  The latest classic involves a public relations spin artist who APEC employed to sell the benefits of trade liberalisation, and, our Trade Negotiations Minister Lockwood Smith. Let’s get one thing straight from the start. The technique PR consultant Jane Sweeney uses is called “marketing public policy correctly”. Not …

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