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What does Culture have to do with Business?

Culture was the most frequently mentioned word at the 2015 China Business Summit. Not because it was the most popular word of 2014 and business people were all in the trend, but because it was consensually agreed that culture matters in cross-cultural business. Culture is a big, vague and elusive term. What exactly does the term imply? Some say culture …

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Changing China’s child policies will only benefit dairy briefly

By Keith Woodford – Keith Woodford says changing China’s child policies will only benefit dairy briefly. Tourism & old-age products are where big changes will occur China’s recently announced change from a one-child to a two-child policy has led to considerable media comment, including from our own Prime Minister at the New Zealand China Business Summit on 9 November. …

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Making the most from Chinese investment in New Zealand

By Bill Bennett Pengxin International director Terry Lee says revisiting the government veto of his company’s attempt to buy Lochinver  is critical. Lee maintains the process is unbalanced and flawed. “We need clarity, consistency and speed. We need to reduce risks for investors. In our case we came up against tailor-made conditions.” Lee is referring to the way government ministers …

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Changing the China game

After years of high-speed economic growth, China moved down a gear. This has created concern in some circles, yet as session moderator Minter Ellison Rudd Watts chair Cathy Quinn notes: both Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon and Fonterra CEO Theo Spierings think any negativity is overdone. Instead, they are tuning their strategies to meet the challenge of a shift …

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