Saturday , February 29 2020
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Tim McCready

Tim McCready has worked in business development, marketing and capital raising throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia with a particular focus on science, food, technology and innovation. He has a keen interest in entrepreneurship, strong coffee, and has some great travel stories.

Sharing Culture through Animation

Cartoon and animation has proven to be an excellent medium to successfully integrate culture and characters with a global audience. The Chinese animation and comic industry is worth US$15 billion, the Chinese gaming industry is worth over US$21 billion. Collaborative productions such as KungFu Panda (created by a joint venture with Dreamworks Animation) are finding global success.   “No matter …

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Tying it all together: timing, location, and people

The Chinese government is heavily promoting entrepreneurship and there is a natural drive towards innovation as the country’s economy moves into a new phase. China is quickly becoming known for high-quality innovation, and the creation of new ideas and technology out of what already exists. China’s history as a manufacturer of the world’s goods has allowed the country to expand …

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Liveable Cities: What is good for the environment is good for business

Green buildings in Los Angeles are demonstrating a higher average occupancy level, increased occupant satisfaction over the general market, as well as higher rental rates. Watt Companies was one of the first major property companies in Los Angeles to introduce sustainable practices in its properties.   “Ultimately, green buildings demonstrate a higher average occupancy level, and increased occupant satisfaction over …

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Liveable Cities: Britomart as a common ground

Until the early 1900s, rail in Auckland came right into the bottom of Queen Street. It has recently returned to Britomart – albeit underground – and has been integral to the evolution and revitalisation of Auckland’s CBD. Britomart has become a gateway for Auckland and is helping to remove barriers and hurdles between cultures.   “Britomart creates bigger opportunities every …

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Māori economy: Becoming a significant economic powerhouse

Several decades ago, there was a common perception that all Māori were factory workers, truck drivers, or cleaners – Maori success in business was only ever seen as the exception. Māori are quickly becoming significant economic powerhouses, owning an estimated NZ$40 billion of assets in New Zealand. Māori are spiritual people, and their motivation in business reflects their world view: …

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Innovation from cross-pollination

Cross-pollination between Auckland, Los Angeles, and Guangzhou brings the prospect of exciting innovation. Erez Morag believes when culture, expertise, insights, and ranks come together and are cross-pollinated, it is then that truly successful innovation can happen.   “Cross-pollination between these three cities will bring exciting innovation,” said Dr Erez Morag, former Nike Innovation expert speaking at the Tripartite Economic Summit …

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High Value Foods: Mega Trends & Opportunity

The food industry is undergoing massive change. Farming systems and sources of food are being transformed around the world, new retail models are emerging in the food sector, and consumer demand is rapidly changing. Reinvention of New Zealand’s food industry is critical to the country returning to the forefront of exporting and developing food and agribusiness products. The global challenges …

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Guangzhou – a hub for innovation

Guangzhou is China’s third-largest city. It has a GDP of similar size to Singapore and Hong Kong, and is undergoing massive transformation. The city is moving away from low-cost manufacturing and exports and towards innovation, science and technology, and services for domestic consumption. There are various opportunities for Los Angeles and Auckland to be involved in China’s new economic blueprint, …

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The Economic Power of Arts and Culture

 The creation of networks of people is an important driver for economic development and can help to fully unlock creativity. It can be argued that China is millennia ahead of the rest of the world in terms of understanding the role of networks, and cultivating them.   “The economic driver of the future isn’t a factory or a piece of …

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Infrastructure, housing, and transport: We can learn a lot from each other

Los Angeles

Auckland, Guangzhou, and Los Angeles have strong and long-standing sister city relationships. Auckland Los Angeles share similar challenges, particularly in transportation, the economy, international trade and innovation. Eric Garcetti believes these challenges come from our cities being “victims of our own success”. Over the next decade, autonomous vehicles are expected to revolutionise transport. People won’t need to own their own …

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