Tuesday , November 20 2018
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The Power of the Influencer Economy


Tom Influencers have always existed. Movie stars or sporting greats have been used for a long time to endorse products, but increasingly endorsements come from self-made online personalities. Businesses and brands can’t expect the same level of control they may have enjoyed in the past. Consumers expect endorsement to be …

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Minister calls for creation of a Tripartite Business Degree


Minister Steven Joyce spoke of the opportunity to create a ‘Tripartite business degree’. His proposal would see business students from Auckland, Los Angeles, and Guangzhou spend two semesters studying in each city. The initiative could attract new, talented business students to New Zealand and allow them to contribute to the …

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Challenges link Tripartite cities


Auckland, Los Angeles, and Guangzhou share similar challenges as our cities grow. There are many areas that we can share experiences and learn from each other on. A memorandum of understanding signed by the Tamaki Makaurau Design Alliance, Guangzhou Urban Planning Design Survey Research Institute (GZPI), and Los Angeles Business …

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Investable Auckland gaining speed


Auckland’s economic growth has outpaced the rest of New Zealand in six of the last seven years. There is an increased interest in what is happening in Auckland, and the signs are positive that foreign investment will continue. The opportunities to accelerate entrepreneurship in the city has been helped by …

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Partnerships key to Auckland companies reaching the world


New Zealand companies should consider forming joint ventures and partnerships to gain traction in overseas markets. New Zealand has a tendency to be Kiwi-centric, assuming that because our domestic market loves our products, overseas markets will too. Māori businesses reflect the world view of Māori: that long-term sustainability is more …

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Companies will thrive with foreign investment – if it comes


There is still plenty of capital available in the United States, low-interest rates have led to record flows into investment funds. The New Zealand market is not large enough to fulfil post-capital valuations on its own. It is important from day one that kiwi companies plan to go global. “It’s …

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Digitalisation and the creation of smart cities


 The world’s fastest supercomputer can help city planners and engineers predict how a city’s economy will evolve. The collection of real-time data for virtually every amenity and service will allow apps to be created that improve the productivity of a city – from traffic flows, to parking and water usage. …

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Auckland Mayor Len Brown’s welcome speech to the Summit


It’s a special occasion for Auckland, for Guangzhou and Los Angeles, and for all the business delegates here. Two years ago our three cities signed an historic agreement – an agreement to increase economic cooperation and business links. The tripartite alliance strengthens our links with two very influential Pacific Rim …

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The Nation: Patrick Gower interviews Bill English


Prime Minister Bill English now says there’s no evidence that his MP Todd Barclay actually did make recordings of his colleague, Glenys Dickson. English says he’s satisfied that the issue has been handled as well as it could. He says no one comes out of it looking good, but he …

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