Thursday , March 22 2018
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Partnerships key to Auckland companies reaching the world


New Zealand companies should consider forming joint ventures and partnerships to gain traction in overseas markets. New Zealand has a tendency to be Kiwi-centric, assuming that because our domestic market loves our products, overseas markets will too. Māori businesses reflect the world view of Māori: that long-term sustainability is more …

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Companies will thrive with foreign investment – if it comes


There is still plenty of capital available in the United States, low-interest rates have led to record flows into investment funds. The New Zealand market is not large enough to fulfil post-capital valuations on its own. It is important from day one that kiwi companies plan to go global. “It’s …

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Digitalisation and the creation of smart cities


 The world’s fastest supercomputer can help city planners and engineers predict how a city’s economy will evolve. The collection of real-time data for virtually every amenity and service will allow apps to be created that improve the productivity of a city – from traffic flows, to parking and water usage. …

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Auckland Mayor Len Brown’s welcome speech to the Summit


It’s a special occasion for Auckland, for Guangzhou and Los Angeles, and for all the business delegates here. Two years ago our three cities signed an historic agreement – an agreement to increase economic cooperation and business links. The tripartite alliance strengthens our links with two very influential Pacific Rim …

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The Nation: Patrick Gower interviews Bill English


Prime Minister Bill English now says there’s no evidence that his MP Todd Barclay actually did make recordings of his colleague, Glenys Dickson. English says he’s satisfied that the issue has been handled as well as it could. He says no one comes out of it looking good, but he …

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Q+A: Andrew Little interviewed by Jessica Mutch


Labour leader Andrew Little told Jessica Mutch the marae had not deserved the criticism. “That is a good marae. It is well set up. It’s got good facilities. It’s got fantastic leadership,” Mr Little said. He said he had not spoken to former Labour Auckland head Matt McCarten, who organised …

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The Nation: Lisa Owen interviews Hone Harawira


Mana Party Hone Harawira has raised the idea of executing Chinese drug dealers, imprisoning them for life or deporting them, as a response to the methamphetamine problem in his area. “We can pass a law to say any Chinese that brings meth or precursors into this country is either going …

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Q+A: Tracey Martin and Sue Bradford


NZ First MP Tracey Martin told TVNZ’s Q+A programme that the law change has had a “chilling effect” on NZ parents including herself. “Well, we’ve always argued, for 25 years, around binding a referenda on issues like this, where our citizens need to speak. We have a representative democracy. 113 temporarily …

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Q+A: Minister Judith Collins interviewed by Corin Dann


Energy and Resources Minister Judith Collins told Q+A there’s a 1-4% chance that people will be asked to make some voluntary reductions in electricity usage. Judith Collins was speaking to Corin Dann about low lake levels and the impact this might have on power bills. ‘And if that happens, retailers …

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The Nation: Lisa Owen interviews Simon Bridges


Transport minister Simon Bridges says the Cost Benefit Ratio for Auckland’s East West Link is 1.9. He says he doesn’t have an up to date CBR for the rail alternative, but the road option is going ahead. Bridges won’t be drawn on whether Auckland Council should sell off assets to …

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