Friday , September 20 2019
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The Nation: Lisa Owen interviews new political candidates

Lisa Owen: When Parliament sits for the first time after the election in September, there’ll be a raft of new faces on the backbenches, and some of them are with me now in the studio — National’s Erica Stanford, Priyanca Radhakrishnan of Labour, the Green Party’s Jack McDonald and Brooke van Velden from ACT. Good morning to them all. I …

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Q+A: Metiria Turei interviewed by Jessica Mutch

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei is not ruling out working with New Zealand First if her party is in a position with Labour to form a government after the September 23 election. Speaking on TVNZ’s Q+A this morning, Ms Turei told Jessica Mutch that although she found leader Winston Peters’ approach to immigration “racist” she conceded she may have to …

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The Nation: Lisa Owen interviews Shane Jones

Despite ruling out working with the Greens when he was last in parliament, Shane Jones now says with Russel Norman gone, he could. He says he looks forward to debating Metiria Turei. Jones says Hone Harawira should “park up” his idea of executing Chinese drug suppliers, but he has his own solution. “I really think that something akin to a …

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An Overview: Tripartite Economic Alliance Auckland 2016

Tripartite Economic Alliance: Auckland 2016 The theme of the 2016 Tripartite Economic Summit was ‘Making Connections’, and the Summit created a platform that enabled the three sister cities of Auckland, Los Angeles, and Guangzhou to engage. The rising prominence and importance of e-commerce was apparent. Each city had large delegations present that were interested in understanding how the Tripartite Alliance …

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Now is the time for brands to own their audiences

The advertising landscape is rapidly changing. This provides an opportunity to those brands that are able to adapt to secure ownership over their audience that will deliver lasting returns. Brands that don’t adapt will forever pay to access someone else’s audience, whether that is a television network or a YouTube influencer. The advertising landscape is shifting, and brands that move …

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The Power of the Influencer Economy

Tom Influencers have always existed. Movie stars or sporting greats have been used for a long time to endorse products, but increasingly endorsements come from self-made online personalities. Businesses and brands can’t expect the same level of control they may have enjoyed in the past. Consumers expect endorsement to be genuine and authentic. While the platforms used in the Chinese …

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Minister calls for creation of a Tripartite Business Degree

Minister Steven Joyce spoke of the opportunity to create a ‘Tripartite business degree’. His proposal would see business students from Auckland, Los Angeles, and Guangzhou spend two semesters studying in each city. The initiative could attract new, talented business students to New Zealand and allow them to contribute to the country’s entrepreneurial and cultural ecosystems. “I want to see kids …

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Challenges link Tripartite cities

Auckland, Los Angeles, and Guangzhou share similar challenges as our cities grow. There are many areas that we can share experiences and learn from each other on. A memorandum of understanding signed by the Tamaki Makaurau Design Alliance, Guangzhou Urban Planning Design Survey Research Institute (GZPI), and Los Angeles Business Council (LABC) at the Tripartite Economic Alliance will allow designers …

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Investable Auckland gaining speed

Auckland’s economic growth has outpaced the rest of New Zealand in six of the last seven years. There is an increased interest in what is happening in Auckland, and the signs are positive that foreign investment will continue. The opportunities to accelerate entrepreneurship in the city has been helped by the influence of incubators. Although they are early-stage, Auckland’s incubators …

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