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2011 – Mood of the Boardroom

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After the tough economic conditions of the Global Financial Crisis, the consensus among the business community was that the John Key-led government had performed well in trying times. This approval was reflected in 98 per cent of respondents supporting Key remaining at the helm after the election that year. The …

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2010 – Mood of the Boardroom

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Emerging from recession, CEOs called for ambitious economic policies, such as cuts to the corporate tax rate, mining of conservation land, and the partial privatisation of state assets. Politically, the Cabinet rated strongly, but the push for fiscal tightening to get the Government’s books under control remained, particularly with respect to …

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2009 – Mood of the Boardroom

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A restless business community responded to the 2009 survey with calls for aggressive policy to increase productivity as the country attempted to pull itself out of recession. New Prime Minister John Key rated favourably, but tensions remained between the business community and government regarding public spending and debt levels. Issues …

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2008 – Mood of the Boardroom

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This report provides a snapshot into the early response of CEOs as the economy fell into recession in 2008, what would come to be known as the Global Financial Crisis. Meanwhile, it was election year and John Key enjoyed some 90% of the business community’s support as preferred Prime Minister – …

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2007 – Mood of the Boardroom

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New Zealand’s CEOs recorded some positivity towards the tax cuts provided in the year past, however just four per cent of respondents predicted the Labour Government would be reelected the following year. A lack of consultation around KiwiSaver policy to compel employers to match employee contributions irked many, while the …

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2006 – Mood of the Boardroom

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In the aftermath of the 2005 election, the business community expressed admiration for Prime Minister Helen Clark’s political abilities, but skepticism about Finance Minister Michael Cullen’s plans for economic transformation. A broad range of commercial issues arose in the comments of those surveyed, including the impact of the removal of …

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2005 – Mood of the Boardroom

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The Mood of the Boardroom 2005 tackled a range of business issues pertinent to the election of that year. The emergence of John Key was noticeable, with much support for the National Party’s new finance spokesperson in comparison to then-Minister of Finance Michael Cullen. In particular, the business community expressed …

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2004 – Mood of the Boardroom

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The Mood of the Boardroom in 2004 was broadly upbeat, with optimism about the prospects for international economic growth and stability as well as political movements to create a single market with Australia. However, underlying concerns regarding domestic growth were still on the mind for many CEOs.

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2002 – Mood of the Boardroom

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The inaugural Mood of the Boardroom report, then titled ‘State of the Nation’, reflected a mood of complacency and an economy that had seemed to plateau. The report focused on the need to increase economic ambition and create policy that fosters rapid growth from small business status upwards. The report …

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