Tuesday , October 23 2018
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2017 – Agribusiness

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The tide of innovation has well and truly reached the shores of agriculture, with international competitiveness a key driving force. As Executive Editor Fran O’Sullivan summarised in the report, “New Zealand agriculture is going through a huge transition as farmers morph into “food producers” and embrace drones, apps and robots to …

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2016 – Mood of the Boardroom

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The growth pressures in Auckland were the clear issue in the 2016 Mood of the Boardroom report – housing and infrastructure were in sore need of addressing and the CEOs wanted to see action in these areas. The Auckland mayoral election of 2016 saw widespread dissatisfaction for the business community, …

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2015: Summit Highlights


Highlights video from the 2015 China Business Summit. This year we focused on supply chains, free trade, investment, commerce in the digital age and growth markets in China. Videos of selected speakers and in-depth interviews will be published in the coming weeks.

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John Key welcomes TPP as NZ’s biggest trade deal


Many concerns raised previously about TPP are not reflected in the final agreement. For example, consumers will not pay more for subsidised medicines as a result of TPP and the PHARMAC model will not change. Prime Minister John Key has welcomed the successful conclusion of negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership …

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The Nation: Steven Joyce on Govt’s block Lochinver station sale

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The Nation edited transcript: Lisa Owen interviews Steven Joyce Lisa Owen: So while National’s well ahead in the polls, it’s not been a year without its challenges. National’s campaign chief and, of course, Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce joins me now. Good morning. Steven Joyce: Every year has its challenges, Lisa. …

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2015 – Mood of the Boardroom

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2015 marked the year that housing emerged as a preeminent issue in the Mood of the Boardroom survey, with mentions of housing on over 10 different pages of the report. Other emerging issues included the slump in dairy prices, the Trans Pacific Partnership, and weak regional economic growth. After a 2014 …

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2014 – Mood of the Boardroom

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Heading into the 2014 election, the choice of New Zealand’s CEOs was clear: 97% were in favour of John Key over David Cunliffe as Prime Minister. Business confidence was high, with a majority expecting profit, capital expenditure, and staff numbers to all grow over the following year. Interestingly, there was …

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2013 – Mood of the Boardroom

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The business community provided an upbeat reception, with rave reviews for Finance Minister Bill English and a widespread sense of renewal following the emergence from the struggles of the Global Financial Crisis and the Christchurch earthquakes. Digital technology featured strongly, and one article in the 2013 report even called for …

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2012 – Mood of the Boardroom

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The 2012 report saw widespread praise for John Key’s “rightward turn” following the 2011 election, with a sense that the Prime Minister was beginning to govern in the interests of the country rather than the polls. Mixed-ownership models and asset sales featured prominently, while the age-old issues of infrastructure deficits …

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