Saturday , November 17 2018
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US NZ partnership enters a new generation – Simon Power


Today in Auckland the US NZ Partnership Forum gathers for the sixth time. The event brings together a number of senior representatives from Government, business and academia from both New Zealand and the United States. Our American guests include Assistant Secretary of State Danny Russel and Congressman Erik Paulsen (R-Minnesota). Significant …

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Let’s Make APEC 2014 About Free Trade

Apec Summit  By Charles Finny With the Republicans back in control of both the House and Senate in the US there are positive signs that the dysfunction apparent in recent years on the hill may be ending.  With both President Obama and the Republican Leadership stating a desire to work …

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Michael Bassett: What a farce!

Comment  You have to feel sorry for John Key that he’s been subjected to so many off-stage alarums and excursions during this, the dirtiest election campaign of my lifetime. It started with Hager’s Dirty Tricks book, dropped close to the campaign, leaving insufficient time to check the details. Hager calculated …

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Charles Finny issues David Cunliffe a serve on “Five Eyes”


Comment  By Charles Finny On 3 September 1939 a Labour Government in New Zealand declared war on Germany in support of the UK and others following Adolph Hitler’s decision to invade Poland. Until the war ended in 1945 New Zealand made enormous sacrifices and as we all know, and as …

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Chicken Little – Sky ain’t about to fall (ANZ)

The “bubble” is not about to burst, and we don’t find “Chicken Little” style commentary useful – say ANZ’s Morning Brief authors. “That said, New Zealand is facing challenges, as we have highlighted many times before, and with euphoria sky high according to both business and consumer confidence surveys, it’s …

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Port of Tauranga prepares for big ships, reports record profit

Port of Tauranga, the country’s biggest export port, has reported a record profit bang on expectations as it readies a dredging project to prepare for larger ships. Net profit of $112.1 million in the year ended June 30 was up 52 percent on the previous year and in line with …

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Sale of Rakon?s Chinese factory better than liquidation

By Pam Graham Rakon, a maker of crystal oscillators used in smart phones and navigation systems, will liquidate its two-year-old Chinese factory if a plan to sell it does not go through. iphone sms spy Shenzhen Stock Exchange-listed ZheJiang East Crystal Electronic Co is buying 80 percent of Rakon Crystal …

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Auckland Council pushed as template for regions

By Pam Graham The amalgamation of councils in Auckland has worked so well it should be a template for the rest of New Zealand, the lobby group for infrastructure companies says. New Zealand Council for Infrastructure Development (NZCID) chief executive Stephen Selwood pushed for reform of councils in regions at …

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