Wednesday , June 26 2019
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All Whites snub Kea breakfast after night out at M1nt Club in Shanghai

Businessman Howard Moore ┬áhas outed the All Whites for failing to turn-up at a Kea breafast in Shanghai after a night out at the infamous M1nt Club with the local hotties. Moore said on Facebook, that it was “Great to see the All Whites vs China last night here in Shanghai. The All Whites probably deserved to win based on their second half performance but it probably didn’t really matter. But the All Whites efforts were obliterated by their failure to turn up the next morning at a KEA Breakfast Function to which many kids came along expecting to see the All Whites as advertised.”
NZ Football chairman Frank van Hattum  turned up and said he was sorry but many of the All Whites had early flights or had to recover from the game.
“The reality was they went out to the M1nt Bar nightclub and couldn’t make the effort to turn up for this breakfast,” said Moore. “The All Whites were paid by MFAT to play in this game and as ambassadors for New Zealand should have been able to muster some of their team to turn up.”
“New Zealand Soccer is never going to win the hearts and minds of the New Zealand population if this is the attitude they are going to take. Everyone of course is making comparisons with the All Blacks. They would have turned up with some of their number.”
The All Whites drew 1-1 against China in what was seen as a disappointing showing.
Moore’s wife Gillian added, “Very disappointed at the All Whites – poor wee kids with pen and paper ready for autographs and not an All White in sight, one family had travelled from Hong Kong!” observes a number of NZ ex-pats probably felt like feeding them to M1nt’s shark tank. Ungrateful …

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  1. M1NT is going to be my first stop when I get to Shanghai next month- I just cant wait to check out this place!!!

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