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2015 Session 8

On the Couch: Innovate or Perish: Succeeding in China’s Rapidly Innovating Markets

Brett O’Riley (Moderator), CEO, ATEED

The Summit’s final session saw a panel across all areas of innovation, moderated by ATEED’s CEO, Brett O’Riley.

O’Riley began the session by talking about the tripartite Sister City relationship between Guangzhou, Los Angeles, and Auckland. O’Riley outlined how, while true of all markets, China in particular takes more than a single meeting to gain trust and credibility, and for opportunities to be realised and people to understand what you’re trying to achieve.

Hongbo Xu, founder of Guangzhou-based innovation incubator InnoHub addressed the synergies between New Zealand and China innovation, InnoHub’s relationship with ATEED, and the work they are doing together to invest in local early stage technology companies.

The Icehouse’s Andy Hamilton and Tony Wei from China Hub Inc spoke about their work helping SMEs to understand and overcome the intricacies and challenges of doing business in China.

Huawei’s Director of Public Affairs, Andrew Bowater, reflected on what the panel had discussed from the perspective of a Chinese large corporate, reiterating that patience is required when building partnerships. Bowater referenced Huawei’s strategy to partner with local iwi to advance some exciting initiatives.

Steven Joyce agreed, and gave examples on how he has seen New Zealand’s relationship with China strengthen considerably from even just a few years ago. China has entered the entrepreneurship generation, where young people are encouraged to start companies, and there are now clear opportunities between our two countries in science and innovation, and China is looking toward New Zealand to help them adapt, disrupt, and innovate.

The panel challenged New Zealand entrepreneurs to look beyond Silicon Valley as they progress their start-ups. China is increasingly becoming a hub of innovation and presents markets, funding, and customers that offer exciting opportunities and differences to those found in North America.

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